For over 40 years, Road America has provided decals and fleet markings to almost every industry imaginable.   

The tabs below detail a small amount of the products we provide.  

We provide pre-spaced lettering with a masking overlay for easy installation. We can match any size, any font, any style of lettering.  Simply send us a sample, or a tracing of your lettering and we will match your current size, color & type style.

  Pre-Spaced Vehicle Lettering is available in any size of font, and can be made with any color combination of reflective or standard material.
  Road America proudly serves first responders around the country.  High visibility markings make it easy to identify vehicles and equipment in some of the harshest conditions and environments.
  Salt water can play havoc on decals.  We use the highest quality materials to ensure long lasting visibility and protect against cracking, peeling & fading.
  When customers drive past your company, make sure they know who you are and what you do. Lettering that stands out will pull more customers in.
  ID, Phone, Tag Numbers for Taxi, Limousine and Livery services.
  Long lasting weight, capacities & ID numbers for land/sea containers.

What better way to inform your customers & employees of a potential danger than with pictures & words? We have a large variety of warning decals to choose from, and can easily create custom decals to suit any need.

  Standard caution decals to warn of potential danger.
  Hazard striping in almost any color is available in both standard and reflective material. We can accommodate almost any size & shape required.
  Some warning decals can be informative to stop a hazard as it occurs.
  Hazard / Warning / Danger / Caution decals.

Permit decals for parking, business licenses, seller's permits, etc.

  Custom Parking Permits, with sequential numbering.
  Business Licenses
  Custom Parking Permit Hangers.
  Reflective No Parking signs as decals that can be placed over existing signage, or custom printing onto new signs is also available.

Products for Public Works such as:


City Seals & Emblems.

  Maintenance Decals
  Sheriff / Police / Paramedic Shield Decals

EIN Decals: California Air Resource Board, ARB EIN Labels.

High quality 11" x 3 3/4" laminated decal

  Vinyl & Reflective Pre-Spaced Lettering